ra racer derby

February 25, 2023

State RA Racer Derby

This event is for boys and girls.
Winners in church races can come to state race.


  • Lad (1st – 3rd graders), Crusader (4th – 6th graders), Younger Challengers (7th – 9th graders), Older Challengers (10th – 12th  graders),
  • Girls (1st – 3rd graders), Girls (4th – 6th graders), Girls (7th – 9th Graders), Girls (10th – 12th graders)
  • Adults, Open (all ages, guys or girls)

Costs: $5 per event car is registered in. ($5 for race, $5 for show, $10 for both, open count as a second set of entry fees.)